About Us

Our Story

My name is Isy Goldwasser, founding CEO of Thync. My team and I have passionately innovated to create pioneering products that change your energy by stimulating nerves instead of consuming pills or drinks. It's unforgettable when you first experience an energy boost with one of our stimulation programs and realize this is an entirely better way to energize. Our company began with a vision where neuroscience instead of chemicals is used daily to improve our lives.

The Vision

The vision behind Thync is born out of superhero dreams and a recognition of where humans are headed in the 21st century. Each one of us knows how it feels to be driven, energized, stimulated, passionate. We know how it feels to be calm, centered, focused, alert. These are overall states when our mental, emotional, and physical sub-states are in sync. Our mind and body already have the ability to enter these states. Imagine being able to call upon a particular state at will and having your mind and body respond. This superhuman ability won’t come from swallowing drinks or pills but from directly activating nerves and neurons.


Our journey after launching a consumer wearable led to the innovations that resulted in the breakthrough Zing Patches you see today. I love Zing Patches because they embody a new paradigm and future. We created a product that is intelligent, doesn’t have any buttons or controls, and is incredibly convenient and easy to use. 90% of early users rated Zing Patches as equal or better to energy drinks or energy shots. And of course, Zing Patches deliver clean energy and focus without a crash or chemicals. Instead of paying more than $200 for the technology as part of a wearable, Energy Patches are $6.99 ($3.50 per use)!

Applied Research

Real vs Placebo Energy Stimulation

Effect ratings of Energy/Alertness

Thync began in 2011, focused completely on research to activate nerves and neurons using advanced neuroscience technologies. By leveraging neuroanatomy and neuroscience, we conducted research across a broad range of stimulation waveforms and locations to increase energy and also lower stress levels. After four years and hundreds of iterations involving thousands of subjects, we reached a point where we could reliably change energy and stress levels by stimulating specific locations on the neck and head that modulated the autonomic nervous system ('ANS'). Pretty amazing!

In our scientific studies we used biometrics, biochemistry, and user feedback to quantify the impact on energy and stress levels. As with chemicals, our stimulation programs result in a range of responses and we decided that once more than 3/4 of individuals responded moderately to strongly, we had something impactful. This led to the launch of the first mood-altering wearable in 2015 called Thync Edition One which gathered substantial coverage.

Meet The Team

Isy Goldwasser co-founded Thync to advance a new frontier with breakthrough impact within healthcare and consumer industries. Prior to founding Thync, Mr. Goldwasser was the first employee and a founding member of Symyx Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMMX) where he served numerous roles including President and then CEO over a period of 16 years - including taking the company public and building the publicly traded business for 10 years.

Mr. Goldwasser established a number of large, strategic partnerships with global corporations that totaled more than $500M in revenues. After constructing a successful merger between Symyx and Accelrys (Nasdaq: ACCL), Mr. Goldwasser became an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Khosla Ventures in 2010. He is a named inventor on more than 40 US, European and Canadian patents and currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Scripps Research Institute. Mr. Goldwasser holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT and a MS degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University.

In 2013 Dr. Pal created the first embodiment of the method used in the Thync bioelectronics platform for the noninvasive modulation of autonomic neural circuits. Since then, Dr. Pal has led the development and testing of Thync’s neuromodulation platform and has been the architect of the algorithms used for stress and anxiety reduction. In 2017 Dr. Pal discovered the link between the use of Thync’s neuromodulation platform and autoimmune disorders. Before Thync, Dr. Pal was at the Molecular and Cellular Biology Department and Center for Brain Science at Harvard where he researched extensively on brain circuit plasticity and function, carbon nanotube arrays for detecting electrical activity in brain tissue, and cortical circuitry involved in sensory information processing. Dr. Pal received a PhD. in Neurobiology from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where he discovered a novel cellular pathway involved in neurodegeneration which has since led to therapies being developed for stroke recovery.

Prior to joining Thync as Chief Software Technology Officer, Anil was Senior VP and Officer of R&D and Support at Accelrys. It was there that he led the company's technology architecture and software development strategy and played an integral role in M&A strategy and integration. Previously, Anil spent 12 years at Oracle serving as a Vice President in their Server Technology organization, Vice President of Service Engineering and Senior Director of Oracle Cloud Services. Anil has also established and led global teams at Auspex Systems and VeriFone.

Dr. Wing Law Obtained his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champagne and his MBA from Stanford University. He is currently senior director of hardware and firmware at Thync, responsible for product engineering and manufacturing. Prior to Thync, Dr. Law was program manager at Apple Inc. as part of the iPod and iPhone leadership teams for the development of 5 generations of iPods and 4 generations of iPhones. Before working on smart devices and wearables, Dr. Wing Law spent approx. 10 years in the development of medical systems and devices. Dr. Law has over 15 patents assigned to him, and in his career developed over 30 commercially successful and ground breaking devices and systems in consumer electronics and healthcare.