FeelZing Energy Patch

Get more focused and alert in your game.
Effect proven by gamers.

Focus and alertness boost

A boost in concentration for the moments you need: training, streaming at night or competing with other gamers.

Perform better

Our case study proved that FeelZing improves your performance while gaming.

Sleep well at night

Improve your energy and focus in the afternoon without effecting your sleep cycle at night.

Neurostimulation patch

Uses electricity - natural brain language

No wires, app, or WiFi

Case Study in Partnership with



Enhanced FOCUS

In the case study, conducted with experienced competitive gamers, FeelZing Energy Patch specifically improved performance on tasks involving concentration and focus.

Each of the 6 tests were a 1-minute task selected from Aim Lab, a suite of training modules developed by an independent third-party to help esports players evaluate and improve key components of performance.

The FeelZing Energy Patch provided a 17% improvement for tasks that explicitly required the cognitive strategy of responding to the correct target and suppressing responses to the incorrect target.

Get your FeelZing for $3.50 per use

Don't take our word for it

I feel like this is a great product that could easily replace the caffeine I use late at night for work/gaming.

Justin Ginter

I could see this being a great alternative to caffeine consumption and would definitely use this in the more intense gaming sessions to improve alertness, awareness, focus, etc. Great product!

Jordan Durrell

Biggest plus to me is that I don't have the caffeine side effects of staying up late after gaming sessions.

Jared Ginter

FeelZing is easy to use

  1. Clean skin behind the ear
  2. Apply the patch
  3. Feel 7-minute stimulation
  4. Get more focused and alert for next 4 hours
  5. Re-wrap patch for 2nd use

Neurostimulation for gamers

Get your FeelZing for $3.50 per use

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