FeelZing Energy Patches

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FeelZing Energy Patch is the world's first neurostimulation patch that improves energy and focus. A decade of research and development led to the creation of this small, easy-to-use patch. 


  • Jitter Free | Anxiety Free | Drug Free
  • No negative effect on sleep
  • Each patch provides 2 energizing sessions
  • The patch directly stimulates the nervous system via a proprietary, patented waveform

Once you place the patch behind your ear, you will feel a very noticeable and new sensation

Our most recent study with the Adamas Esports training and performance company proved that FeelZing Energy Patches improve gamers' focus and concentration while gaming.

- Weight: 6.8 grams
- Size: 52 mm in diameter
- Cosmetic cover: cotton based, non-allergic
- Electrode makeup: silver with a non-toxic binder for the silver particles

- Jitter Free | Anxiety Free | Drug Free
- Each patch provides 2 energizing sessions
- Smart circuit stimulates nervous system via proprietary, patented waveform

Recommended starting course

24-day neurostimulation course

Customer research

Customers claim a positive effect on their mental health

Feelzing Customers claim a positive effect  on their mental health


Our recent case studies have shown that the more you use the patches, the better you will feel.

Customers who used the patches for at least 24 days achieved the highest results.

There is a big gap between using the patches this way versus using them every few days in terms of achieving results, therefore we highly recommend using the patches for the entire 24 days.

We want you to have only the best experience with our patches. That’s why we strongly recommend you using
FeelZing Energy Patches for at least 24 days.

We don’t offer free samples as a couple of pathes just will not let you feel the maximum effect.

In case you don’t like the patches for any reason, you can always contact us at contact@feelzing.com and ask
for a refund.

Our double-blind placebo-controlled case study, conducted in 2016, has proved efficacy of our patches.
84% of users reported a moderate to strong positive energy boost.

In another case study, conducted in 2019, 90% of users cited one of the following benefits:
impoved alertness, improved concentration, increased focus, increased motivation and productivity,
reduced mental and physical fatigue. The remaining 10% cited other effects or no effect.

You can also read customers’ reviews at the bottom of this page.

The stimulation from the FeelZing patch is a very noticeable sensation. Customers report feeling everything from a small tingle to an "electric massage".

Some customers may feel a surprisingly strong sensation when trying the Extra Strength patch for the first time, but you will get used to it after a few seconds.

The makers of FeelZing, Thync, have been in the consumer neurostimulation space for a decade.
During that time, the science behind FeelZing has been tested in house on hundreds of subjects.

There are more than 30,000 peer-reviewed studies that confirm the safety and effectiveness of electric stimulation to the peripheral nervous system, and doctors have been using implanted electrodes - with constant electrical activity - to treat Parkinson’s, epilepsy, pain, and other disorders for 20+ years with an excellent safety profile.

Neurostimulation for everyone