The origin of the FeelZing energy patch

Lead Scientist Dr. Jonathan Charlesworth explains how Thync created the technology inside FeelZing


The FeelZing energy patch is the product of years of research, development, and testing from a tight knit team of scientists and engineers. Dr. Charlesworth explains how iterative testing and “following the data to build a product” led to the creation FeelZing.

Thync, the company behind FeelZing, has been working in the consumer neurostimulation field since 2011. After inventing multiple devices that interact with the brain to improve mental well-being, and completing dozens of research studies with thousands of participants, the scientists at Thync learned that to make brain stimulation accessible to all, it must be both effective and accessible. 

“Effective” meaning that the product benefits the end user, in that it solves an existing pain point. After 1,000s of tests on individual subjects, we’ve established that people feel more mentally energized and focused when they use FeelZing. 

“Accessible” meaning that the product is easy-to-use and affordable. Non-invasive neurostimulation has existed for decades inside scientific labs and institutions, so we took this research grade technology and packaged it in such a way that it can be used in gyms, at home, in the car — everywhere — with no need for wifi, apps, bluetooth, or other technical limitations. 

The given, of course, is “Safety.” As parents, siblings, professionals, and stewards of neuroscience, we make it our job every day to ensure that our work only helps those who need it. 

After years of research and devices with proven results, the team at Thync is proud that we’ve made neurostimulation more accessible to the average person. We’ve moved away from lab equipment and devices that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and towards something that isn’t prohibitive for the average person to try, even just once. 

The result of all that work — this one, small, effective, and accessible patch: FeelZing.

You can get 4 sessions of research grade neurostimulation technology for $5/per use.

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