FeelZing Case Study: 84% Report Increased Energy Levels

84% of test subjects report moderate to strong effect in a double-blind, placebo controlled study


At Thync, we did an in-house study to prove the effectiveness of the neurostimulation pattern used in our FeelZing patch. The result: 84% of users reported a moderate to strong positive energy boost.

BACKGROUND: Thync has published research and created several products to modulate mood, such as reducing stress and anxiety and improving sleep. There is growing research and interest in neurostimulation’s ability to improve energy and focus. 85% of adults currently use drugs such as caffeine to increase their energy levels, but there is a need for other means of increasing alertness without the use of chemicals. This case study tested a new electric waveform targeting peripheral nerves in the neck to validate the waveform’s efficacy in improving mental clarity, energy and focus.

DETAILS: 70 participants were split into 2 groups, receiving either placebo stimulation or a new electric waveform developed by Thync delivered through a new neurostimulation patch. Patches were placed behind the ear on the mastoid bone, and stimulation lasted for 10 minutes. Subjects were asked to report their change in energy and focus levels immediately following the stimulation on a scale from 0-10. 0 represents no change, 5 represented the energy one would expect from an energy drink or cup of coffee, and a 10 represents energy one would expect from taking a pharmaceutical stimulant. Grouped together, a 1-3 was considered a “mild effect” (less than an energy drink), a 4-6 is a “moderate effect” (similar to an energy drink), and a 7-10 is a “strong effect” (greater than an energy drink).

RESULTS: In the placebo group, 7% of people reported no effect, 67% reported a mild effect, 23% reported a moderate effect, and 3% reported an intense effect. In the real stimulation group, 0% reported no effect, 16% reported a mild effect, 51% reported a moderate effect, and 33% reported a strong effect. That translated to 84% of subjects reporting the effect of ten minutes of neurostimulation as the same or greater than an energy drink. As a result of this case study, we discovered that our recently developed electric waveform can be an effective way for people to improve energy and focus without consuming chemicals. 

That’s why the team at Thync created FeelZing, a first-of-its-kind neurostimulation patch using the exact electric waveform used in the study discussed above. We wanted to make brain stimulation accessible for everyone so that it’s easy and inexpensive to try. Stimulating the brain using electricity is a much safer and more natural way to give the brain energy than taking chemical or pharmaceutical stimulants.

For the first time in history, you have access to brain stimulation technology for $5/per use. 

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