FeelZing Energy Patch

Get more focused and alert
when you need it most
Feelzing Focus and alertness boost

Focus and
alertness boost

A boost in concentration for the moments you need: working a long night shift, studying or multitasking.

Feelzing No chemical stimulants

No chemical

Experience a calm energy without stimulant side effects such as jitters, anxiety, or crashes while staying clean and focused.

Feelzing Sleep well at night

Sleep well
at night

Improve your energy and focus in the afternoon without effecting your sleep cycle at night.


Uses electricity -
natural brain language

No wires, app,
or WiFi

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Without ANS balance, we’re cracked out or lethargic

Feelzing Too much symphathetic Craked out
Feelzing Too much parasympathetic Lethargic

The FeelZing patch is placed behind the ear on the mastoid.

This area contains important nerve connections to the sympathetic nervous system (i.e. greater auricular and lesser occipital nerves) and parasympathetic nervous system (i.e. the vagus nerve).

Stimulation of these nerves together creates an optimal state of balance in the autonomic nervous system, resulting in a calm, energized state — without jitters or anxiety.

Feelzing review It was great!

“I did feel the effect, and I liked using it before studying the most. It was great!”

Madi Fogel, Grad Nurse

With FeelZing I felt like I was definitely more in flow

“With FeelZing I felt like I was definitely more in flow”

Dr. Neeta Bhushan, Recovering Dentist

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FeelZing is easy to use

FeelZing is easy to use

Neurostimulation for everyone

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