FeelZing Energy Patch

Get more focused and alert
when you get tired at work
Feelzing Alertness and focus boost

Focus and
alertness boost

Reduce your mental fatigue for the moments you need: working late or after a sleepless night, multitasking, or that late night workout when you get home.

Feelzing No chemical stimulants

No chemical

Experience a calm energy without stimulant side effects such as jitters, anxiety, or crashes while staying clean and focused.

Feelzing Sleep well at night

Sleep well
at night

Improve your energy and focus in the evening without affecting your sleep cycle at night.


Uses electricity -
natural brain language

No wires, app,
or WiFi

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This video will explain how FeelZing works

Stacy Kutyepov, Software Engineer

“I'm personally planning on using this for my late night coding sessions as the patch apparently doesn't affect your sleep, unlike coffee.”

Stacy Kutyepov, Software Engineer

Oliver Morris, Data Analyst

“Don't worry the electric part sounds like it should be painful but it really isn't! I think I'm going to be moving away from energy drinks thanks to FeelZing”

Oliver Morris, Data Analyst

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FeelZing is easy to use

FeelZing is easy to use

Neurostimulation for everyone

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