FeelZing Energy Patch

stay alert without anxiety, jitters,
or High heart rate
Feelzing No chemical stimulants

Alertness and focus

A boost in concentration for the moments you need: multitasking, studying, or working a long night shift

Feelzing No chemical  stimulants

No chemical

Experience a calm energy without side effects such as jitters, anxiety, or crashes while staying clean and focused

Feelzing Sleep well at night

Sleep well
at night

Improve your energy and focus in the evening without affecting your sleep cycle at night


Uses electricity -
natural brain language

No wires, app,
or WiFi

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This video will explain the science behind FeelZing

Feelzing patch Taylor Marae review

“I was diagnosed with anxiety and knew that coffee and sugar would make it worse. FeelZing helped me a lot!”

Taylor Marae

Feelzing patch Julia Maria Nica review

“With FeelZing I felt a balance, peace and, I want to say, more presence.”

Julia Maria Nica

Feelzing patch Brendan Boyd review

“You can literally feel the "zing" and the energy going, and it definitely keeps me vibrant without caffeine.”

Brendan Boyd

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FeelZing is easy to use

FeelZing is easy to use

Neurostimulation for everyone

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