The FeelZing Experience — “Wooo!” “I can feel it”

FeelZing customers react to the sensation of using the patch for the first time

The stimulation from the FeelZing patch is a strong, new, and unique sensation. Customers report feeling everything from a subtle tingle to an “electric massage.” 

The experience of the FeelZing sensation can’t be described effectively using words. It’s like nothing else. Frankly, the best way to get a sense is to see authentic reactions from other users.

The reason for the sensation is the unique pattern of electric current sent by the patch to the nerves under your skin. Our team of scientists developed our specific, proprietary electric wave after more than five years of research, testing, and development. As you wear the patch, you’ll notice the sensation change throughout the 7 minute stimulation. That’s the shape of the electric wave changing.

Part of the reason the sensation is so pronounced is because previously it’s been only available to the minority of people inside scientific laboratories, or wealthy enough to afford headsets and other bulky equipment. 

In contrast, our team of scientists and engineers took research grade technology and put it in a form where it could be used by everyone.

If you want to find out what this revolutionary brain stimulation device feels like, the best way is to try it for yourself.

For the first time in history, everyone can access neurostimulation technology for just a few dollars.


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