How To Work from Home: Productivity Tips That Help You to Stay Focused


Creating your own home office has become a necessity for many since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that followed it. Many workers who can continue doing their job remotely are thrilled about the opportunity because it allows them to save time and money on commuting and they can organize a cozy office-like area in their homes.
But is it that easy to remain focused at home where the atmosphere is mostly relaxing?

According to working from home productivity statistics, the greatest challenge for remote workers is motivation. How to concentrate on your tasks when there’s so much to do at home?

We have prepared tips that might help you stay productive and avoid distraction while working from home.

How to Be Productive Working from Home: 9 Simple Steps to Follow

For those working from home, productivity can become a big issue. Take the following tips into consideration while trying to stay focused on your tasks during the work day. These tips can help you sustain a positive level of focus to complete your assignments as if you were in the office.

1. Plan your days each morning

Having a plan is always a good idea and is also one of the productivity hacks for working from home.

When you structure your tasks, you can concentrate on them better. So, write down the tasks you need to accomplish, create a schedule and follow it to stay organized during the day.

2. Stay organized

Make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips. Keep your work space free from things that don’t relate to work and avoid clutter. Make sure to prepare all necessary documents and accessories, and store important things in appropriate places.

Set everything up in such a way that you don’t have to wander from room to room to find the thing you need.

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4. Designate your own workspace

In order to boost productivity while working from home, create a space that will be used only for work during working hours.

Ideally, choose a separate room for this but if there’s not much space, designate a part of the room where you can work with no distractions.

Ask your family members not to bother you while you are working and not to intrude on your working area.

5. Limit distractions

When you are trying to do your job at home, distractions are everywhere.

Some people claim that they can work when their television is on, but for many this will distract you from being truly productive. Sometimes, after checking the work you have done while having the TV on, you’ll notice that the number of mistakes you’ve made is higher than usual.

In order to work from home more productively, it’s better to work from a room where you have nothing more but your workstation.

Turn off your phone and other gadgets. You can also switch your devices to silent mode. Stay focused on your tasks until the working day is officially over.

6. Use time management techniques

To increase productivity while working from home you need to keep a balance – concentrate on your tasks but be sure to take some breaks throughout the day. Whether that is having lunch or relaxing a bit to restore your energy, allow yourself time to recharge.

If it’s hard for you to stick to your schedule, you can use some popular time management techniques like the Pomodoro Technique or apps that will help you track working hours and break times.

7. Take breaks

In addition to the previous point, breaks are essential during the working day. Working 8 hours straight with no breaks will exhaust you sooner rather than later.

In order to work effectively for longer, you need to take breaks during the day: do some exercises, have lunch, talk to your friends or family members, or go on a 15-minute walk.

Let your brain recharge so you can return to your tasks with renewed purpose.

8. Communicate effectively

It’s easy to communicate with your teammates when you are in the office but when you work at home this process is not as straightforward.

Discuss the best way to communicate for everyone – set daily meetings, create specific channels, decide how you will share updates so everyone will get them in a timely manner.

Make communication effective, so it doesn’t distract anyone, but instead helps achieve the goals of the entire team.

9. Take time off work

Another challenge you might come across is letting yourself have days off.

It’s great to achieve your goals but you can’t do this without having some rest. Make sure there are days where you leave your work tasks behind and dedicate time to your family, friends, hobbies, or whatever you like doing in your free time.
Taking days off is vital when it comes to recharging and allowing your brain to switch to something other than work. Days off help you get back to work-based tasks with more energy and motivation.

Conclusion: Does Working from Home Increase Productivity?

Having your own office at home is definitely comfortable and time-saving, but in order to concentrate on your tasks it is important to follow the guiding principles we have mentioned above.

You should keep in mind that work-life balance is important whether you are in an office or at home.

Time management and planning will help you stay focused, days off will help you relax and allow you to gain refreshed energy for the new challenges ahead.

Once you find the balance, you will be able to work more productively and you will love having your own office at home.

This might take some time so don’t get frustrated if something goes wrong at the start. Habits develop gradually, so if you follow our tips you will work from home with success and productivity will win over procrastination.

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