IN THE NEWS: Elevation Outdoors Gear of the Week/Best Summer Road Trip Gear

Zing Energy was included as a summer road-trip essential by Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, and named Gear of the Week by publisher, Elevation Outdoors:

Red Bull and old, chewy gas-station coffee are usually your best bets to keep alert when you are behind the wheel late at night and the rest of your crew is asleep, but, gross. No fears. This device, which you place behind your ear for five minutes, sends out a small, safe electric current which ups your energy levels for the next four hours. It works shockingly—ha ha—well, providing a boost that feels like a few cups of java minus the shaky edge.

Read the whole round-up on Blue Ridge Outdoors online.

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The FeelZing Experience — “Wooo! I Can Feel It” Thync Takes Neurostimulation Mainstream with Zing Energy, the First Electric Energy Patch

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