Top Three Things We’ve Improved On

We’ve worked hard to improve the FeelZing experience based on feedback from you! Here’s what we’ve done.

Over the last few months we’ve been listening to your feedback on the FeelZing patch, and we’ve heard you on a few particular subjects. We’ve worked hard to bring your ideas to reality. This is the result: three things we’ve changed about the FeelZing experience.

(1) “Floating” gel & patch improvements

We’ve done a lot to improve the patch design and construction.

First, we changed the logo and aesthetic of the patch.

Next, we wanted to make the patch itself slightly smaller, so we adjusted the positioning of the battery to make the whole patch more compact. 

We’ve also adjusted the way that the smart chip is attached to the patch itself, making the handle of the patch much sturdier.

This has been done by making the gel “float”. The result is a much more comfortable wearing experience as well as a much stronger patch.

(2) Using ReCharge for subscriptions

Subscriptions & Recurring Payments for Ecommerce | ReCharge

We’ve heard our customers ask about improving our subscriptions platform.

So we did it.

We’ve started working with subscriber platform ReCharge to vastly improve the subscriber experience.

Now, selecting the subscription option is clear and simple. You can easily manage your subscription from ReCharge’s subscriptions portal that you can access via email when you sign up.

This improvement will drastically improve the subscriber experience and give the customer 100% control over their subscription.

(3) Third Party Validation

We know that the safety and effectiveness of brain stimulation isn’t something you can just take our word for.

That’s why we did several pre-launch studies on both the safety and effectiveness of our product.

Since then, we’ve also been working with several partners to continue to learn about and improve the product. In the last month, we’ve kicked off studies with: The University of Northern Iowa, The University of Illinois, Adamas Esports, Menlo College, and strength and conditioning coach Josh Reynolds - trainer for several elite UFC athletes, to test various use cases of our product.

Stay tuned for the results, coming soon!

Thanks so much to all of our customers who have submitted feedback to us recently. It is critical to our continued improvement of the FeelZing experience.

For the first time in history, you have access to brain stimulation technology for $5/per use.

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