Raising Energy by Stimulating Nerves Instead of Pills or Drinks?

No more pre-workout drinks, no more espresso and chocolate before workout! I liked the idea…

Had a nice sleep, no caffeine, no pre-workout drink for today. It’s 9:00 am and time for my daily workout.

I chose to try the Extra Strength FeelZing Energy Patch.

Ready, patch is ON. 5 minutes of activation. Let’s see what is happening…

Whoa! In less than 10 seconds, I feel shiver-like sensations all over my skin, and some strange feeling growing all around my neck.
Every 10 or 15 seconds there is a higher pulse that really gives off a bizarre sensation, not unpleasant at all but surprising.

The intriguing part is that you feel the neck muscle covering the sympathetic nervous system in tension, contracting on each impulse. After a minute, I must admit that my brain seems very calm. I can tell that my cortex is activated by the fact that my stage of alertness is higher than before.

Some extra energy and great focus seem to be present. I turn the music on and start my workout.

After an hour, my focus is surprisingly high, my energy is kept at a good level. However, I can feel a difference: the lack of nitric oxide and creatine. The kind of explosiveness going through my veins. Of course, unless you eat fish (creatine) and greens (nitric oxide) in the morning, you can only get these kinds of chemicals coursing through your body if you consume a chemical potion such as a pre-workout drink.

After a two-hour workout, no crash! I still feel smooth and aligned with my focus, I stretch, shower, and finally it’s lunch time…
About three hours later, the focus seems to start settling down, however there is still a serene feeling– No nervousness, no big fatigue, no crash…  

This is very intriguing. My next experiment is to try this for my business tasks, where there is no need for any muscular explosiveness…

Now, let me explain you the correlation between FeelZing Energy and biohacking:

FeelZing patches use different stimulation programs with much lower intensities to enhance sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity.

No chemical agents and a 5 minutes of electrical stimulation!

BAM! The nerve branches located behind the ear are stimulated, your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is triggered for activity.

I previously tested those TENS devices that use electrical stimulation.

Nothing related at ALL! These other devices usually operate at 3-6 times the intensity of FeelZing patches and focus on interrupting pain signals by sending superficial tissues tingling sensations, with benefits that are probably just a “sensation-enhanced” placebo.

Trying this new type of energy boost is an interesting experience.

FeelZing Energy Patch

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What does it feel like? 

The 5 minutes of neurostimulation or neuropriming are very comfortable, some light tingling vibration behind your ear. Reminded me of the shivers experienced during a first kiss!

The Neuroscience backup: 
From my research, FeelZing is A ZERO-RISK neurostimulation technology built on 5 years of research and development. By targeting the greater auricular nerve, it stimulates your nervous system and enhances SNS activity.

This company behind FeelZing, Thync, began in 2011, focused completely on research to activate nerves and neurons using advanced neuroscience technologies. By leveraging neuroanatomy and neuroscience, they conducted research across a broad range of stimulation waveforms and locations to increase energy as well as also lower stress levels. After four years and hundreds of iterations involving thousands of subjects, it finally reached a point where they could reliably change energy and stress levels by stimulating specific locations on the neck and head that modulated the autonomic nervous system (‘ANS’). 

Pretty amazing biohacking if you ask me! 

And what about the AFTER?

I felt no crash or fatigue, not more than the usual one after a two-hour workout. The good thing is that taking no supplements or pre-workout drinks, my appetite is wide open for a healthy meal instead of my stomach feeling like it is doing a backflip.

At the end of the day, looks to me that this NEUROHACK is extremely safe because it delivers a small, controlled dose of electrical current locally to specifically stimulate your sympathetic nervous system. 

On top of that, you REALLY LOOK LIKE A CYBORG when wearing it!

Always remember this kind of product will always be safer and healthier than any energy drinks or supplements, in my opinion. 

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Jean Fallacara holds a BSc in Biochemistry, MSc in Genetics and P.Eng in Biotechnology, along with several certifications in Neuroscience, Sports Science and Neurobiology from Emory University, University of Colorado Boulder and other respected institutions. Currently, he is the Founder/CEO at Z-SCI Corporation headquartered in Westmount, Qc- Canada. His site, Cyborggainz.com, “pushes human performance forward” by exploring themes of performance, nutrition, workouts and biohacking through a scientific lens.

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