Thync Takes Neurostimulation Mainstream with Zing Energy, the First Electric Energy Patch

Early Neuroscience Pioneer Expands Energy Market with a Chemical-Free, Tech-Enabled Solution.

LOS GATOS, Calif.May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Thync, a leader in pioneering researched-based technology focusing on neurostimulation, today announced the launch of Zing Energy, the first disposable neurostimulation patch for alertness and energy, following more than four years of targeted research and development by a team of scientists and engineers from MITStanford, UCSF and Harvard.

Zing Energy is a two-use, disposable patch that is placed behind the ear and delivers a five-minute waveform of proprietary electrical impulses to the greater auricular nerve, creating a autonomic nervous system response that is shown to increase alertness and energy for up to four hours at levels equal to or greater than energy drinks in pre-launch product trials.

With up to 97 percent of Americans reporting at least one of the leading risk factors for fatigue and a further 76 percent reporting productivity-zapping fatigue on most days1, Zing Energy offers a chemical- and caffeine-free alternative to energy drinks, a market expected to grow to $86.01 billion by 20262.

“Zing Energy is a simple, affordable and safe way to stimulate your own nervous system to give you a natural boost of energy and focus,” said Isy Goldwasser, CEO and co-founder at Thync. “Our company was founded on the mission to bring neurostimulation to mainstream consumers and offer better alternatives to consumer drinks and supplements. With the launch of Zing Energy, I believe we’ve delivered on both.”

Zing Energy was developed based on research conducted by Thync over a 5-year period, funded by more than $30M from venture and individual investors. Thync holds more than 20 patents in neurostimulation and applications of this core technology.

Zing Energy is available now online in two stimulation levels at a per-use price point of less than $3, bringing this leading-edge, transformative technology to consumers for less than many energy drinks. Following the online launch period, the company is exploring options to bring its “Smart Energy” solution to brick-and-mortar, convenience and additional online retailers.

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About Thync/Zing Energy
Zing Energy is created by the team at Thync, an early leader in applying neuroscience and neurostimulation technologies to improve lives. Thync was founded in 2011 holds more than 20 covering neurostimulation and applications of its core technology.

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